One Day in Wonderland – Digital

Acessible to new viewers… Sweet and up to date version of a Classic… inventive ideas with a modern take



The classic tale of Alice discovering a most incredible Wonderland springs to life in the comfort of your own home as you watch this delightful rendition via digital theatre…One Day in Wonderland is an enjoyable experience that you can share at home, probably more with younger primary aged children… So snuggle up with this one as part of the fabulous Melbourne Fringe Festival, and jump on the couch to enjoy some memorable family time.


One Day in Wonderland is a light-hearted, engaging performance that all the family can enjoy. This particular rendition is amusing, accessible, and executed beautifully.  For any person attending the Fringe with a child, this is a must-see. ****

Josie Lockwood

One Day in Wonderland is a cyclone of colours, characters and creativity. Using a blend of unconventional staging and colourful computer-generated backgrounds, Gardner, Grayson Moody (director of photography) and Alec Simmons (animator/editor) bring the madness and chaos of Wonderland to life. To understand it, the audience must be as curious and open as Alice herself.


Christyn Hughes


One Day in Wonderland – Live

The brilliance in this theatre piece is not through the staging or elaborate costumes but through the incredible actors which bring the experience to life. The use of humour, the makeshift props, the combination of a digital screen and real life acting as well as the amusing improv, all blend together to create something magical with different layers for audience members to understand and admire.


The Tempest

A Child of the Jago

“Just wanted to say how fantastic I thought the reading was on Friday. So much more than a reading, the attention to detail was amazing for the given time, especially the costume, all the effort the cast had gone to understand their characters blew me away. It was very emotional and I am full of admiration for what you are doing. It was totally absorbing and cathartic… absolutely can see this at the National Theatre…”

Alexander Snelling
Slack Alice Films


“With minimum changes to the script, this production retains the classicism of traditional Shakespeare, but sets itself in a modern era, so its relevance was prominent throughout. With an unadorned set, not much more than three low stools, the actors work hard to place us in situe. It was also a genius idea to use the aisle that was running parallel to the audience to give themselves extra space, Iago and Roderigo even getting drinks from off the bar at one point. This meant as an audience member it was an immersive experience, which paid off wonderfully…” 


Angels Dining at the Ritz

“Like its subject, Angels Dining at the Ritz blends old and new in a pacy, rewarding show in which everyone can find something that makes them feel at home…The Talk of the Town may be long gone, but talk (and song) of the town proves to be as good today as ever it were.”


The Magnetic Lady

“Spirited revival of a late Ben Jonson play that has been effortlessly transported to the decadent thirties. An all-round sparkling cast brings out the text’s hilarity and makes the themes of avarice and marital and social ambition contemporary'”


“Part of the White Bear’s admirably bold ‘Lost Classics’ programming strand, with James Sheppard’s stylish 1930s art deco setting, it’s easy to feel the spirit of Restoration comedy – also highly stylised – in a way no Shakespeare comedy would achieve”


“It was almost two hours of witty repartee delivered at break-neck speed by a huge cast for such a small stage who did Ben Jonson justice, keeping for the most part to the original play, but lifting its tortuous twists and turns with sparkle and froth to give a surprisingly modern feel to this farce.”


The play received its first modern stage performance in Autumn 2010 as part of the White Bear Theatre’s Lost Classics Project.


Shakespeare’s Women

“This ensemble of actors proved to be a tight and successful unit… The work is a fine example of how Shakespeare’s words can be manipulated into new incarnations yet still ‘work’ when taken out of context… Had I seen the play earlier, I would definitely have recommended it; as it is, I feel a transfer to a small West End venue, such as the Jerwood, would work really well”



“Worth going for the singing and setting alone, Missy D’s powerful voice fills the intimate underground space with classic tunes. Changing characters from chavs to centenarians to provide a good old fashioned cabaret of many acts, but just one versatile performer……In the end it is the singing that is Missy D’s forte, rich and sensual, she warmly embraces the audience …”


Shakespeare In Shoreditch

The script was cleverly was very cleverly intertwined with facts and content from some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays… it was an informative and enjoyable production with a completely competent troupe of actors…a well rehearsed and prepared company”